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DesignLED leads the world in LED innovation, with unmatched choice, versatility and flexibility for video walls.


A Compound Curvable Panel That Installs Magnetically

High reliability for indoor applications.


Lightweight, Super Slim, and Energy Efficient

Advanced modular design offers high reliability for a range of demanding indoor applications

Available in - 3 mm - 4 mm - 6 mm

Limitless Possibilities for Designers and Architects

Bendable, ultra-slim, lightweight LED technology frees designers and architects to create effects and spaces that are unachievable with traditional die-cast cabinet LED

Cool and Energy Efficient

Amflex offers the legendary efficiency of LED, with a remote power supply that eliminate heat buildup

Slim and Flexible

Modules are 288mm (11.33") x 144mm (5.66') and just 7.5mm (.3") thick. The smaller module size offers more freedom to design projects with smooth curves and dimensionality

Amflex Pro

Fine Pitch Flexible LED Screens

Used to create extraordinary HD designs.

AmFlex Pro

Bendable, Ultra-Slim, Ultra-High Resolution

Bendable HD panels let architects, engineers and designers stretch the boundaries of the possible, with unsurpassed resolution and color reproduction

Custom Cabinetry And Framing

Flexible HD modules mount easily on made-to-order framing and cabinetry, for a whole new level of creative versatility

Sized For Any Application

From standard 400mm panels to the tiny 50mm micro panels, Amflex lets you build virtually any custom shape in virtually any space, on almost any budget. Available in Pixel Pitch 1.6mm, 1.9mm, and 2.5mm

Custom LED

Custom Capabilities

DesignLED can produce custom LED applications to the industry's most demanding specs. They offer both 2D and 3D screens in a wide variety of shapes, including cubes, triangles, hexagons, pentagons and custom configurations.

  • Unique 2D and 3D shapes
  • Pixel pitches from .9mm to 6mm, or as required per spec
  • Advanced engineering
  • Precision manufacturing and production

LED Globe/Dome

LED Globe/Dome

The AmGlobe and AmDome Series provide a stunning, 360-degree immersive experience in virtual reality, without glasses.

  • Diameters up to 164 feet
  • Resolutions of 4K, 8K, 10K+
  • High brightness
  • High contrast
  • Easy installation
  • Easy mapping
  • Long-life span of up to 100,000hr half-life

Mini LED

Cost Effective Stock Customization

Mini LED

From our 1/2 panels (200mm x 300mm) to the smallest micro panels (50mm x 50mm), our mini LED array lets you create semi-custom displays at an off-the-shelf price.

Available Panels

1.25mm, 1.56mm 1.92mm and 2.5mm

Available Modules

400mmx200mm, 400mmx150mm, 200mmx150mm, 200mmx300mm, 150mmx50mm, 100mmx50mm, 50mmx50mm

LianTronics provides over 100 sophisticated, agile, reliable, indoor and outdoor LED products to customers worldwide.


Fine-pitch indoor LED video wall

BIM Max Series

16:9 Golden Ratio

Achieve mainstream resolution of 4K/8K just right

Light and Thin

Only 44mm thin and weighs only 20kg/㎡, making it more efficient for maintenance and installation

Fully Wall-Mounted and Front-Maintenance

Saves installation space and harmonizes with the surroundings

Automatic Data Retrieval

Supports automatic calibration retrieval after module replacement

BIM Plus

Ultra Light and Ultra Thin Indoor Fixed LED

Ultra Light, Ultra Thin, 42mm Thickness

BIM Plus Series

Easy Maintenance, Space-Saving
  • Installs flush against the wall surface
  • Serviceable from the front with magnetic tool
  • Multiple cabinet sizes, alternative right angle and bevel, supports multi-shaped splicing
  • High refresh rate, 16 levels of gray scale


BIM Pro Series

Designed to blend with the wall.

A Variety of Sizes

Screen splicing at any proportion, adapts to any circumstance

Total Front Maintenance

Convenient maintenance, saves space

Alternative right corner and bevel

Smooth, Clear Picture Quality

High refresh rate, 16bit gray scale and more sharp broadcasting with high clarity all the time

VT Series

Next Generation COB LED Display

Breaking through limitation of traditional packaging.

VT Series

A vision of the Future

Ultra-finer pixel pitch, below 1.0mm, produces crystal-clear images free of moire effect

10,000:1 high contrast ratio, for precise, vibrant colors

Unprecedented Broad Views

Advanced full flip-chip packaging ensures softer luminance

170+0 wide views deliver stunning image quality from any angle with high uniformity

Reinforced All-Around Protection

Waterproof surface and outstanding anti-collision characteristics, for lower module failure rate

One-piece molded back shell provides added protection

Exceptional Stability

Wireless connection of cabinets and modules provides high transmission stability, easy installa­tion

Redundant power supply, receiving card, power and network cables further minimize downtime

Excellent Heat Dissipation, Excellent User Experience

Attach-to-shell power supply and optimal circuit board layout provide excellent heat dissipation, lower surface temperature, more stable operation and a better user experience.

Quadruple Energy Saving Technology

Adopted common cathode technology and high-efficiency light-emitting chips reduce power consumption by 40%

Dynamic energy efficiency and smart standby mode further improve efficiency

VAII Series

High Protection, Fine Pitch Video Wall Screens

High stability and all-around protection.

VAII Series

High-Definition Splicing

Two-sized panels allow up-and-down mixed assembly to achieve mainstream FHD/4K/8K-resolution fine-pitch LED walls with pixel-to-pixel broadcasting

16:9-golden-ratio small-sized panel

8:9 larger RGB panel for faster assembly

Hassle-Free Installation & Maintenance

Supports both front and rear installation

Front service access allows easier maintenance and saves space

Intelligent Monitoring & Calibration

Optional LCD panel brings instant monitoring of cabinet operation

Real-time monitoring, production information tracking and calibration retrieval are all possible

More Stable Performance

Multiple internal structural elements double the transmission stability and stabilize the finished fine-pitch video wall

VF Series

Thin & Light Aesthetics

Ultra-thin & sleek panel designed to blend with the wall.

VF Series

Friendlier Front Maintenance

Integrated plugin connection doubles stability and reduces failure frequency

Easy front access to service all modules, power supply, system card reduces rear space requirements

Interlock Tremendously Improves Efficiency

Just lock and go; the interlocking design guarantees high precision and easy installation

Intelligent System and Module

Supports real-time module monitoring without monitoring card, smart data backup, one-button reset, automatic module calibration, arbitrary rotation of pictures, etc.

Metago Series

Portable Business Presentation Screen

Integrated LED Display

Metago Series

  • Extremely slim
  • 160" viewing angle
  • Modular design, all parts replaceable
  • Wireless mirroring and interactive writing
  • Seamless signal switching
  • Intelligent cluster management and centralized remote control
  • Exclusive intelligent central control software conducts 24/7 remote monitoring of critical systems
  • Supports central monitoring, management and operation of multiple METAGOs
  • Front service access frees rear space
  • On-site pixel repairs lower long-term support costs


Indoor Rental LED Display

Lightweight design for quicker installation.

Pilot Series

Lightweight Design, Rapid Installation

Light, ultra-thin cabinets with positioning pins allow fast, easy assembly by a single worker

Creative Splicing, As You Like It

High-precision arc lock allows greater creative leeway

±30°/+6 curvable splicing allows concave, convex, and round shapes

Protective Corner, Patented Protection

Patented corner protectors prevent lamp damage during shipping and install

Convenient & Flexible Maintenance

Modules can be maintained from the front or the rear

Power box detaches from the rear quickly and easily

Mixed Splicing with Universal Modules

Modular 500*1000mm and 500*500mm cabinets lower costs

Can be spliced up and down for creative affect


High-End Outdoor Rental LED Display

Blade Series

Total Black LED with 5000 nits Brightness

With total black LED configuration, normal screen is about 3500 nits, and up to 5000 nits for high-powered common cathode

Unique Shape Splicing

Radian connector can adjust to ±6°, ±3°, 0°, support arc splicing and 90 degree corner

Module Front & Rear Maintenance

One-click power supply maintenance, easy installation for single operator

Patented Structure, Better Protection

Corner protector prevents lamp damage during shipping and installation

FS Series Outdoor LED Display

High Protection Outdoor DIP/SMD LED Display

Improved contrast ratio for sharper image presentation.

F/FS Series

Patented Mask, Multifaceted Reinforcement

Patented saw-toothed masks diffuse sunlight reflection for better outdoor performance

Glass fiber improves panel durability and resistance

Convenient Serviceability

Choice of front or rear installation and maintenance allows easy servicing in almost any configuration

All-Weather Resistance

IP65-weatherproof cabinets deliver long-lasting, vivid performance, even in harsh environments

Size Customization

Supports custom cabinet sizes, for flexible installation design

Excellent Heat Dissipation

Built-in cooling fans and attach-to-shell power supply dissipate heat to improve stability and extend the lifespan of displays

3D Display, Beyond Imagination

Stunning, true-to-life presentations in glasses-free 3D; a wholesale reinvention of the viewer experience



Up to 10,000 NIT brightness

DOOH Series
  • Dust proof, waterproof, IP65, stable, reliable and suitable for almost any environment
  • Thin and light saves 50% on transportation and installation costs
  • All components support both front and rear maintenance

LF Series

Ultra-Thin & Light Outdoor Fine Pitch Display

Configurable Tile System

LF Series

Ultra-Thin & Light Design

34kg/m' lightweight tiles reduce weight by 25% vs. traditional designs

78mm thickness reduces installation space, opens possibilities

Excellent Heat Dissipation

Howl low-curved modules stay 5c degrees lower than traditional enclosures

Cooling blades behind central control box help dissipate heat

Complete Front Maintenance

Magnetic modules, receiving cards, and power supplies can be maintained quickly and easily from the front

Built for Outdoors

Double-sided glue-filling modules provide great water resistance and long-lasting outdoor performance

IP65 construction ensures maximum outdoor durability and performance

Flexible Sizes

Three optional cabinet sizes allow mixed-size-cabinet splicing

DC Power Supply

Optional DC-DC themed power supply provides higher efficiency and stability

MPA Series Outdoor

Ultra-Light & Ultra-Thin Outdoor Fixed LED

All weather. Save the cost of steel structure and installation.

MPA Pro Outdoor Series

Super Stable, High Protection
  • Supports wall mounting, hanging and other installation types
  • Selection of cabinet sizes provides more options in screen sizing
  • Total front/rear maintenance
  • Ultra-high refresh rate; smooth, clear picture quality
  • Supports mixed spicing

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